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Listen Together LIVE

Instantly share your music with your friends,
know who is listening to what song - and listen in.
Anytime. Anywhere.

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Never Listen Alone.

Music has always been a social experience. With MUGO we are making music SOCIAL again.

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Be The DJ

Get instant playlists by people in the know!
Start your own Headphones Party from your phone,
And everyone’s invited!

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Be the dj

Music Around Me

Discover new music by connecting to MUGO users around you. Want to know what’s trending in Central Park or around campus?

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No matter where you are

Join your friends and listen together - it's that easy!
MUGO helps you keep up to date with
what everybody is listening to. Anytime, anywhere.

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Music around me

Play Moods

Rate and discover songs by your current mood.
MUGO helps you fit your playlist to how you feel NOW.

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Music makes you feel

We know you're emotional about that special song tag it using MUGO's mood wheel so we can get to know each other a little better.

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I feel like